Welcome to the home of the Long Beach K-9 Officers Association.


It is a little-known fact that the City of Long Beach does not purchase its own dogs for use in the Police K-9 Unit; the individual officers who wish to handle the dogs must share in the purchase of their first dog. These K-9 teams represent a unique and important asset to both the Police Department and the City of Long Beach.

The Long Beach K-9 Officers Association is a non-profit organization which was established by members of the community with the goal of promoting and supporting the K-9 Unit. The Association has no official connection with the City of Long Beach.

Among its other activities, the Association provides financial assistance to acquire new dogs for the K-9 Unit as well as assisting in the food and medical costs of those dogs retired from the active duty role of police K-9 work.

While the annual budget of the Association varies with the needs of the K-9 Unit, it typically costs over $40,000 per year to fund the program. You can help defray these costs and invest in your K-9’s by becoming a personal or corporate member of the Association as well as by corporate sponsorship and planned estate giving.


To provide a source of funds to purchase K-9’s to replace any who have retired due to illness, injury or advanced age, or have been killed in the line of duty.

To provide these K-9’s with lifetime off-duty medical care and treatment.

To contribute towards seminars, competitions and other activities designed to further the goals and objectives of the K-9 Unit.


Corporal Greg Manis and K-9 Partner Johnny
Officer Bill Kift and K-9 Partner Brayen
Officer Mike Parcells and K-9 Partner Boaz
Officer Ernie Wolosewicz and K-9 Partners Zerek, Kasia and Kazik
Officer Mike Wooldridge and K-9 Partners Basco
Officer Joe Valenzuela and K-9 Partner Paco
Officer Vic Ortiz and K-9 Partner Trex

Officer-In-Charge: Sergeant Marcus Hodge


Federal Tax ID # 95-3972513